Confluence of East and West

Music is all about emotionally pleasing sound – concurrence and agreement. Anupama Bhagwat a sitarist of commendable calibre, disciple of the distinguished Pandit Bimalendu Mukerjee, was on a week-long programme at the K.M. Music Conservatory, A.R. Rahman’s school of Music and Technology recently as part of a week-long special programme.

Anaahat Naad-Bringing artists together

Anupama Bhagwat from Bengaluru (sitar) and Mayank Bedekar from Goa (tabla) performed their maiden concert together at the annual Anaahat Naad music festival held in Margao organised by Gomant Vidya Niketan. The two day festival was held for the 11th year in the memory of music aficionado and past president of GVN Ashok Kare.

Strings of success

Spontaneous, versatile, grounded – some of these adjectives come to mind when one thinks of Anupama Bhagwat, the young Hindustani sitar player. Currently touring the U.K. and the U.S., she was one of the artists to participate at the prestigious Darbar Festival in London.

Where the two cultures meet

Chennai may be the centre for Carnatic music, but the city is equally accommodative of Hindustani music, says internationally-acclaimed Sitar player Anupama Bhagwat. When Anupama Bhagwat moved to Chennai a little over a year ago, she only hoped that she could gradually convert the shift into an opportunity in the coming years.


This two-day festival, now in its fourth edition, looks to challenge the dominance of male musicians in instrumental music in the subcontinent. It will showcase four female musicians who have mastered, respectively, the violin, sitar, sarod and tabla. Saz-e-Bahar Festival, 10 and 11 April, 6.30 pm, National Centre for the Performing Arts, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

A classical evening with Pandita Anupama Bhagwat

SHERAS FERNANDES| NT BUZZ Music today has become a way of escaping anxiety and classical music tracks are known for their tranquillity. While there are several genres of music, most people nowadays prefer western music over classical tunes. pandita Anupama Bhagwat from Bhilai is among the few Indian vocalists who holds the ability to satisfy a wide audience.

Sadhana, a film by Rehmat Rayatt

Three disparate musicians come together to perform their spirituallycentred art form at the Darbar Festival 2013. Sadhana, which means disciplined and dedicated practice or learning, especially in religion or music’ follows their preparations for their performances at the Darbar Festival.

Interview: Anupama Bhagwat, Jashn-e-Deccan 2015.

On her visit to Hyderabad for Jashn-e-Deccan 2015 Anupama Bhagwat speaks of her musical journey.