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Kailas Sangeet Trust presents back-to-back workshops on different perspectives of Indian Classical Music (ICM) by Sitar maestro Anupama Bhagwat and Tabla virtuoso Rahul Pophali.

A good portion of the fees collected from these online workshops will go towards supporting the artists, whose sources of earnings have been impacted and stopped due to novel Covid-19 and the lockdown. Together, we can help each other esp., when it is likely that live shows, music performances at public places, mass gathering etc., will not be allowed any time soon.

Both workshops are 120-minute master classes covering various aspects of an ICM concert from both artist as well as audience perspective. You may register for one or both in accordance. We invite all the students of Indian classical music and dance, practitioners and avid listeners of Indian Classical Music to participate and enrich their experience and understanding through these workshops.

Entries for these workshops are limited.

We invite students of music across all instruments to participate and enrich themselves through this masterclass. Let us come together and learn together while we are fighting Corona staying home and away.

Workshop Registration

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Kailas Sangeet Trust

Not for Profit Trust to promote Indian Classical Music by providing platform for live concerts with local and global artists, supporting artists, music workshops, mentoring, music classes, collaboration etc.

Kailas Sangeet is based on the firm belief that classical music and the arts inculcate a sensitive approach to life, and promote compassion which can enhance social consciousness towards larger issues.  Our mission is to contribute to Socio-cultural development by organizing mega concerts with Global and Local artists, conducting music workshop, teaching and mentoring.